Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Workout of the Day

In 18min:
7 Rounds of:
5×1+1 Narrow Grip Snatch to Overhead Squat
1 Bound -MTR-

2min Transition

In 13min AMRAP of:
5 Burpee + Lateral Box Jump Up and Over
10 Hang Power Snatch 165/115#
50m Overhead Carry (25m ea arm) 24/16kg

Pink Bra Tour–Ok guys… only only a few days away from the Pink Bra Tour at CFCM! If you haven’t already created your fundraising page, now you have extra incentive! For everyone who creates a page, you will be entered into a raffle to win a free pair of custom Reebok Nano’s. You don’t even have to raise money! (But it would be better if you did!) To find out more about BFB and to start up your fundraising page, click HERE. Our event is November 1st and 2nd (“Grace” on Saturday and our first in-house Oly meet on Sunday). Sign up on the whiteboard so we have an idea who all is coming. We are inviting other CF gyms as well, but obviously we’d like CFCM to be the strongest presence there!

Link Love
ReadA Weightlifting Etiquette Handbook for CrossFitters, by Patrick McCarty from Breaking Muscle.
WatchGold Behind Those Clouds, from CrossFit.
EatEasy Breakfast Casserole, from PaleOMG.

Competitive Program
1) Hang Below the Knee Power Snatch w/ Pause @ Knee & Catch 2×3/35% 2×3/45% 2×3/55% 2×3/65% *1-2×3+3/70-75%

2) Complete in 4 minutes, One round as possible for Five Rounds of:
15 Power Clean + Push Jerk 95/65#
15 Toes to Bar

a1. Med-Ball Partner Full GHD 6
a2. Med-Ball Partner GHD Sit Up 8
a3. Med-Ball Partner Obliques Russian Twist 10ea

3-4 exercises 3×15-25