Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foam roll bro sesh.

Workout of the Day

2 Rounds
In 6 minutes:
Run 800m
In 6 minutes:
Row 1000m
*Score time. Rest the remainder of the 6 minutes.

Notes–Thought I’d share some good words from Chris Aquino today…

“My CrossFit Ah Ha moment: I’ll be honest, seeing today’s WOD on the whiteboard made me think about what I could say to Gillian to get me out of doing the workout. Could I complain about my arches, my sore back, maybe I could convince someone to book a treatment stat? I am not a fan of running or rowing! To me, the challenge of CrossFit is not about how heavy or how difficult a movement can be, it’s how can I convince myself to believe I can do it. I did today’s WOD. It wasn’t a fast time but I did finish. I consider myself a strong guy, but today my confidence is even stronger. Thank you CrossFit Costa Mesa for teaching me that I can!”

If you have not met Chris, he’s the guy you wanna see for all your aches and pains… or if you just want to get all taped up so you look cool 🙂 He works in the back office of the lobby and does ART, massage, and professional steam rolling. You can contact him at

Skills Classes–Thursday’s skills class with Aaron will be at 4:15pm on CLEANS. To sign up go to, click on class registration, and then on the skills class. If you don’t remember your login, there should be an option to enter your email and “forgot password”. Email Linds or G if you have troubles!

Link Love
ReadNo One Finishes Alone, from CrossFit Brea. I thought this an especially good reminder. Let’s not get so wrapped up in our times and scores and forget to look up and cheer on those around us. You signed up for CrossFit, and with that comes community. If you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t be here.
WatchScience of Curling. As in the sport… not bicep curls. One of the stranger sports out there, but cool to learn a bit about it. To each their own!
EatProsciutto Wrapped Chicken and Asparagus, from The Food Charlatan. Umm… this looks delicious.
RegisterCrossFit Open. Just do it… don’t be that guy! Be sure to select CrossFit Costa Mesa as your affiliate AND team.
SupportKevin Ogar. If you would like to read more about Kevin’s story and donate to his recovery, please click on the link. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Competitive Program
In 20min:
3 Pos. Clean Land off the Block (Mid-Thigh) -MTR- 5-7x1ea/
**Pull (1/4, 1/2, Full)**
In 15min:
Band Sumo Deadlift 10×2/50%
In 6min:
6x 20sec on & 20sec Handstand walk
In 5min AMRAP of:
10 Strict ring dips
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
There should be no bend of the leg or hip in the strict ring dip.

b1. Shoulder Touchs (2ea)
b2. Monkey Tochs (2ea)
b3. Med-Ball GHD Sit Up 10
b4. Med-Ball Full GHD 10
b5. Med-Ball GHD Obliques 10ea

C) 2-5 exercise
Sword Punches (2-second pause) 3×20
4-way Iso Shoulder 3x30sec
mid & high band trap squeezes 3x20ea
Scap Ball OH Bounce 3×20
Supine Straight are IR/ER (with KB) 3x10ea