Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gordon, having no problem with 115lbs.

Workout of the Day

In 15min:
Press + Push Press + Push Jerk -ME/RBM – @115/75lb
M- 5/75 3/95 2/115 1xME/115lb
W- 5/55 3/65 2/75 1xME/115lb
*On ME set, do as many as possible Press, right into PP, right into PJ. Score all 3 numbers.

5min Transition

In 5min:
Burpee + Pull-Up

Link Love
ReadWhat’s Your Ball and Chain, by Lisbeth Darsh. Lot’s of truth in here.
WatchPull-ups and Pick-me-ups. Workout Wednesday (yes, I realize it’s Tuesday) with Zach Anner. In case you missed him the first time… Zach is a comedian with cerebral palsy, who does motivational workout videos. Personally, I think he’s hilarious 🙂
Eat–Breakfast Taco’s at Rooster Cafe! Yeah, I know it’s not a link, but if you’ve never had them, you’re seriously missing out. Here’s how it’s done… Step 1: walk to the Roost post workout (but before 3pm, cuz that’s when they close), Step 2: order breakfast tacos, Step 3: pay like $6.50ish, Step 4: eat ’em up! (and good luck keeping the tortilla from falling apart), Step 5: feel free to thank me for changing your life.

Competitive Program
In 10min:
Muscle Snatch -MTR- 3-3-3-3-3

In 20min:
Block Snatch High Pull from the patella with pause at the Top: -MTR- 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2

In 5min:
Hollow Rock to Arch Rock 5x{2x5ea}
Handstand 3x20sec

In 15min:
5min Warm Up
6x 30sec on & 15sec off/AR
5min Cool Down row