Be inspired.

I think I am pretty easily inspired… by words, movies, people, sunsets… you name it. There were a couple of things today that really stuck out to me, so I’m gonna share them with you. The first is a video that Jeff actually found somewhere on the interwebs of a guy who was told he would no longer walk without assistance. He didn’t give up. Pretty awesome… (Warning: you may get inspired ;))

The second thing was CrossFit Lisbeth’s words on Chris Spealler and his incredible performance at the South West Regional this past weekend. Read it HERE. I am pretty excited to get to watch this guy in the Games again this year.

We are all so capable, even when it feels like we aren’t… or when everything seems against us. I love that quote that says, “Everything you need is already inside.” I was reminded of it today. I have no doubt that we are our own greatest enemies. Let yourself believe that you are worth it and that you can accomplish whatever it is that you want. Start small. Celebrate your accomplishments. Keep working hard. Breathe. Don’t give up. And for goodness sakes, have a little fun.

Today was a good day in the gym for me. As most of you know, this weekend is the SoCal Regional. I have to admit, when I first saw the workouts that I am to do, I laughed and thought… well, I’ll at least make it through the first one without getting cut. When I hang cleaned 135# several times last week, I was confident that I could at least make it through workout 2. The 70# DB snatch has seemed so out of reach though… humorous almost. I seriously laugh when I pick that thing up sometimes. Anyway, I’ve been working at it, and today I snatched it… at least 8 times (both arms!). Hope!! All this to reiterate my point… even the seemingly impossible can become possible.

So get after it!