September 20th, 2010

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.” -Emerson


In 15 minutes, accumulate as many points as possible on the two following implements: Concept 2 Erg and Dumbbell Push Press (20/10 lbs.)

1 Point = 1 Calorie on the rower
1 Point = 1 Push Press, both dumbbells locked out overhead

Food Tip:

If you’re amongst the group that purchased a CSA box resplendent with produce, here’s a little guide on where to store your bounty now that you’ve taken it home. If you aren’t part of our uber-cheap and delicious CSA program, e-mail Kristan for the details.

Pears: If they aren’t ripe yet, put them in a paper bag (like the one you get at the grocery store) and let them sit for a few days. This will help them ripen.

Tomatos: NEVER, and I mean NEVER put a tomato in the fridge. These are God’s gift to man and woman and placing these gelatenous wonders in the ice box will turn their delicious innards into cardboard mush. These too can be ripened in a bag, or put them in the sunlight. They like it best there.

Asian Beans: Put dems in the fridge. And wash those suckers before you cook them. (secret editorial note: I’ll probably put together a Fit Foods recipe for those tomorrow, stay tuned.)

Carrots: These too can go in the fridge. They also need a good washun.

Red Peppers: These can stay out amongst the rest of the fruits and veggies. Eat these quick as they age and get ugly wrinkly in a few days. Make bell pepper sammies!

Corn: Corn doesn’t need to be in the fridge, though most think it does. It will last longer there, but will go the way of the tomato should you refrigerate it.

Oranges: Counter top them. Brown bag works for ripening, though not as well (edit: my wife is correct, in her comment below, Oranges are as ripe as they’re going to get).

Lettuce: Wash the lettuce and put it in the crisper. Don’t take it out until you need it.

Your Brother in Burpees,
Chris “Paddle Board Champion” Worden

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  1. Erica W.

    Good tips, husband. However, oranges will be as ripe as they’ll ever be once their plucked from the tree. No need to attempt to ripen them more in a bag, it won’t work. Just eat ’em! Or, juice ’em. Nothing better than fresh squeezed OJ!

  2. Jeff S

    Thanks for the tips Chris! We’re definitely guilty of over refrigerating. The challenge is to eat it all while it’s still fresh… but it is much better when we do.

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