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  1. Lindsay

    these articles are interesting Chris, but I’m almost done with ‘Eating Animals’ and am finding it would be really hard to eat less meat and less grains. it seems so hard to find well raised beef/chicken/etc and eggs don’t seem to be any better. its difficult to know who and what to trust when it comes to “free range” and “grass fed” and “organic” because often times its just labeling to make consumers feel better about what they are buying, but in reality no better. any thoughts?

  2. lrc

    what you can get depends a lot on where you live, but where I am I look for “pasteured” eggs. These are from chickens that really did spend their lives pecking around outside, which is not the case for ‘cage free’ or ‘free range’ eggs on the market. But these eggs are expensive, and not available consistently, and if you don’t have any small local farms, you won’t be able to get them. I’ve also switched to eating buffalo instead of beef. Buffalo is ALWAYS 100% grass fed because it’s impossible to get a buffalo into a feed pen. We can find this at some of our local markets (along with ostrich and venison – other good meat choices). It may be worthwhile to look for a meat CSA near you (these are pretty rare, and often have long waiting lists), or buying meat ‘on the hoof,’ or if you live in a place with few options, consider buying online.

  3. Chris

    Linds, you are right in that it is difficult to find these items. Luckily we live in the middle of the consumer capital of the country, Orange County. Celistino’s on 17th in Costa Mesa sells buffalo (always grass fed, as mentioned above), grass fed beef, organic/free range chicken, duck, etc. You can also buy truly authentic, organic demi glaze, stocks and more there. The jerky is also pretty darn good.

    Talk to me if you wanna get a good bulk buy on grass fed beef, I can help you save a ton of money.

    As far as pastured eggs, they do exist here, though harder to find. Farmers markets carry them, and I believe they can be purchased at Whole Foods.

    Here’s an article on the nice little farmers market in Costa Mesa:

    I respect you a ton for trying to purchase/eat animals who are treated fairly. One of the most important things in my life is treating food with respect, not just as fuel. Sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals, especially those who die for us to eat is amongst the things I spend the most time thinking and learning about.

  4. Chris

    Also, Lindsay… The best way to ensure that the food you eat is organic is to grow it yourself. You should drop by my house and take some of this winter spinach and mesclun off my hands. 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    thanks so much guys. alec, i will definitely check out that book. and chris, i would be more than happy to help you eat your spinach!! i am planning to start a little veggie garden of my own this year. i will likely bother you for tips 🙂

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