CFCM GOAT Programs

CrossFit Costa Mesa GOAT Program
CrossFit Costa Mesa’s GOAT Program is designed for those who want to do extra work to improve their skills in one of three areas. Whether that is doing the conditioning track to improve your motor, the gymnastics track to become a bodyweight ninja, or the barbell track to move more weight, these programs will help to develop your skills and to strengthen your weakness.

The GOAT program is developed in three segments: Off-Season, Pre-Season and Games Season. This is an extra class offered six times a day, four times a week. Participation in a regularly scheduled group class is mandatory prior to attending a GOAT Track. The GOAT program is provided to gym members during “GOAT Hours” where they will be given the chance to hone in their skills. Each track is a three day a week program. If you can do all three days that is ideal, but if some weeks you can only work on your GOAT track one time… One time is better than NO TIME!

Describe the GOAT concept?
This program incorporates the CrossFit Costa Mesa methods and philosophy. It is focused on basic movement skills and technique. This class is specifically designed for athletes at an entry skill and/or fitness level as well as athletes looking to progress or clean up an old skill. Even if you are looking to put in an extra 20 to 30 minutes a day one to three times a week, this class will work on developing one part of your fitness, hopefully your weakness.

Post Onboarding, general classes have exercises that are reviewed, but sometimes not often enough depending on what phase we are in. Therefore our GOAT program is an opportunity for both newer athletes and experienced athletes to come in and work on developing mechanical proficiency within their movements. CrossFit Costa Mesa GOAT program will provide a greater focus to various areas of your CrossFit/Fitness training. Each track will cover progressions and variations for different movements and skills within that focus. For example, the gymnastics track will focus on pull-up progressions (pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups). It is more important to learn the proper skills and progressions in order to be technically efficient.

What is a “GOAT”?
Do you like goats? Not really!?!?!?! They are ugly and I would not turn my back on one!!! However I am not talking about the four legged animal. In a GOAT track, you will be working on Goat Training. What is a Goat…it is basically you training your weaknesses. YOUR weakness – not your friends or whatever the person next to you in class happens to be working on. This is a program that is based on your abilities and your abilities only. The only way for you to get better at something is to work on it, spend more time on it, and focus effort on this area.

A GOAT in CrossFit is a movement or movements that you need to improve upon.  Your GOAT track could be one of these; barbell movements, gymnastic movements, or monostructural movements. The only way to attack your GOAT is to work on it!

What is the GOAT Track Program Class schedule?
This program is designed to go back to back with group class. It is an extra 20 to 30 minutes of extra work. The training schedule is three times a week and you have Monday through Thursday to fit it in. We ask that you take two full rest days a week. Rest days allow for us to have supercompensation which in turn lets us develop the skills we are looking for. We expect you to take two full rest days so not to burn out, over reach, or more importantly get injured.

Monday – Thursday: 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, & 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm
Saturday: TBT, you are welcome to come train with the Ox group.
Rest Days: Twice a week!
*Times may change in accordance with onboarding times to accommodate the onboarding class.

What is the extra cost for this GOAT program?
The GOAT Track membership is $40/month. This is to encourage year round participation to truly develop your skills. This is not a one on one or a group class. This is a self-sufficient program with programming and coaching guidance to allow you to develop a skill. A GOAT membership is an additional cost to your monthly membership.

What is expected of me to be a part of the GOAT program?
Each participant in the program is expected to pick one track and stick to it for at least 30 to 90 days to see some type of adaptation. For best results we like to see 4 to 6 months. Anyone can start at any time in the year. You must do the group class prior to the GOAT class. You can come and complete your GOAT track as your schedule allows. If you can only do 1 a week, great!  If you can make all three even better!

What am I getting for this extra cost?
This program is for those who want to commit a little more time each day to improving their fitness level. You will be given more time in your training to develop you Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and improve Endurance.160701_CFCM-118

You will be working on the following in each track:

Monostructural Track (Conditioning & Core) –
Our monostructural track will consist of exercises like running, rowing, biking, ski-erg, core work and more. We will skill and drill mechanics needed for these excesses.

Gymnastic Track (Bodyweight Work) – 160726_CFCM-97
Our gymnastic track will consist of exercises such as bar work (pull-up, kipping pull-up, butterfly pull-up, and bar muscle-up), ring work (muscle-ups, dips, forward-rolls, and back-levers), floor work (strict handstand push-ups, kipping handstand push-ups, freestanding handstand push-ups, and handstand walk). We will skill, drill, regress, and progress all these exercises to truly develop the skill of gymnastics.

Weightlifting (Barbell Work) –160311_Katy_snatch
Our weightlifting track will consist of exercises that are
Olympic weightlifting and power lifting based such as
the snatch, the clean &
jerk, the bench press, etc. We will
work on the technique through drills, skills, and a lot of
repetitions to hone in and develop the barbell skill.

How do the Track Classes work?
Individuals enrolled in this program will be expected to come to class first, and then attend their specific track after class. It is recommended you attend the 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 4 pm, 5 pm, or 6 pm class which will allow you to attend your track class that is immediately after (7 am, 8 am, 9 am, & 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm). Your class time can very day to day so can your track, but you must attend class first and your track work needs to be completed only during a scheduled time.

Who should join?
This is ideal for anyone willing to take their pursuit of CrossFit to the next level but it is not limited by skill or athletic acumen. Anyone at any level of fitness is encouraged to join and sign up. This class is for people of all levels that just want to get rid of their GOATS!

I have already had several people ask me “well what if I have multiple weaknesses?” Yes, we all do but you need to pick the weakest one or the weaker ones. It is impossible to work on EVERYTHING AT ONE TIME. Now regress the movement until you perfect it, then progress it. If you continue to neglect it and work on other things, you are effectively making the gap between your strengths and weaknesses even larger.

How do I get involved or get more information?
To get involved, email Gillian and she’ll give you more information: