CFCM Group #2 Auxiliary (Ox) Program

CrossFit is revolutionizing health, fitness, and athletics around the world and the Sport of CrossFit is growing in astronomical leaps and bounds.

CrossFit Costa Mesa’s Competitor Program is designed for those who want to pursue the Sport of CrossFit in a more serious manner. Whether that is doing your best in a local CrossFit competition or chasing the capacity necessary to qualify for the CrossFit Games this program will help take the guess work out of that effort.

The CrossFit Competitor program is developed into three segments, Off-Season, Pre-Season and Games Season. Make no mistake about it, this is a team. As real a team as any nationally ranked program anywhere in the Country. Participants are expected to go above and beyond for their fitness, they are expected to compete often in local and regional events, and need to be prepared to sacrifice some of life’s little comforts for sport improvement.

This Club is required to participate in a regularly scheduled group class program in addition to being given access to the gym for “Competitor Hours” where they will be given the chance to hone their skills. Your competition class is at a set time and is not flexible unless 24 hour notice or an emergency. You will be asked to train four to six days a week and one to three hours a day. You most complete 80% of the training in one week and if you are below 80% you will be asked to do the Ox Program which does not require as much dedication and consistency as the Competition Program has and needs. This is to insure your safety and growth as an athlete.


Describe the Season concept.
The year is broken down into 3 seasons.

They are Off-Season: August 1 – November 31st
Pre-Season: December 1 – March 31st
Games Season: April 1st – July 31st.

These seasons are designed to peak and align with the CrossFit Games. Each season is marked with a specific progression in mind. There are three Macro-cycles, eight to twelve Meso-cycles and twelve to sixteen micro-cycles. The yearly program is a cyclical program which cycles thru every year. The first half of the year is based off of Liner Periodization and the second half of the year uses Reverse Periodization to peak us for competition.

Each participant in each season’s program is expected to sign up for an entire season upfront. You do not have to pay the whole season up front but you must sign a contract for the season. This is about commitment and dedication. It is better if you start at the beginning of a session but you can start at any time. If we deem it appropriate to accept someone into the program mid-season we will pro-rate the cost.

What is the Competitor Program schedule?
Monday – Thursday: 7 am, 8 am, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6pm, 7 pm
Saturday: TBA
Friday & Sunday: Rest Day
*Times my change in accordance with onboarding times to accommodate the onboarding class.

What is the extra cost for this program?

Here’s the monthly breakdown without the monthly membership and you can see each season is broken into 4 month increments. Competition membership is an additional cost to your monthly membership.

Off-Season: August 1 – November 31st Cost: $200 @ $50 an month
Pre-Season: December 1 – March 31st Cost: $300 @ $75 an month
Games Season: April 1st – July 31st Cost: $400 @ $100 an month
Annual Team Membership: August – July Cost: $600*
*Annual Discount of $300 applied for a full year commitment

What is expected of me to be a part of the Competitor Program?
This program is for those who want to commit to their fitness on a deep level. They are willing to sacrifice their time and money for the chance to get better. It is required that you compete at a local event one time every season. Complete 80% of the assigned training days. Be consistent with your training times. Show up to your assigned competition class. Keep a detailed log with everything. Follow an assigned eating plan. Most importantly be self-sufficient, make proper and educated weight choices, and have fun training.

What may cause me to be asked to leave the Competitor Program and go to the Ox Program?
It is pretty simple. These are things that are not acceptable such as not competing once in a season; be told you go too heavy or you are not scaling properly, not having a basic understanding of the 9 Basic Movements, not training constantly and effectively. You don’t have to be the best you just need to be consistently working towards your goal and not lose focus of achieving them.

What am I getting for this extra cost?
Here is a list of benefits that come with being part of the team.

Exclusive gym time for the CFCM Competitor Team

The program will give you specific auxiliary workouts and coaching to personally develop each athlete. You will be given exclusive time for the CrossFit Open workouts. You will be given nutritional guidance for competitions. When you compete you will be given a competition warm ups and guidance for the competition. Each season expect to meet 1-on-1 to develop a baseline and target growth goals for the season.

Exclusive Competitor Competition Clothing
Each Season will be marked with special competitor swag. This will be a t-shirt and as the seasons progress, expect CFCM bags, Sweatshirts, or even Warm Ups, but not necessarily all at each season, for each participant at an extra cost.

How do the Competitor’s Sessions work?
Individuals enrolled in this program will be expected to pre-register each week for their time slots. Think of it as practice. It’s a scheduled program where attendance is expected. During the week members of the team will come together at selected times, perform the CFCM group WOD during a regularly scheduled class and in the hour following or later that day, they will complete their auxiliary work designed to build the CrossFit athlete. These class sizes will be small and will be capped at 8 to 12 members per hour to provide solid attention. This is not a one-on-one session so please expect to be independent and a basic understanding of CrossFit and its movements.

Can I get sponsored to be on the CFCM Team?

Yes. In fact, those interested in being on the team are encouraged to seek financial sponsorship from any or all of the following sources: Corporations, Supplement Companies, Family and Friends, etc… Raising money for annual dues can be an important part of being involved with this team. Don’t overlook this fact. You are joining a team and there are costs associated with this, so don’t be afraid to find sponsors for you as you strive to compete and win.

Who should join?

This is ideal for anyone willing to take their pursuit of the Sport of CrossFit to the next level but it is not limited by skill or athletic acumen. Anyone at any level of fitness is encouraged to join and sign up. This team is for committed people of all levels. It is encouraged that you have 3 to 6 months of CrossFit experience but it is not mandatory.

Upcoming CrossFit Competitions
Coach will announce local and in house competitions that you’re expected to compete in. At these competitions the coach will warm you up and get you ready!

How do I get started?

To get involved, email Coach Max at

You will be asked to give your weekly schedule and desired competitor class times. From there you will be given a set Competitor Class Time and will be asked to try the program for one week. This is to insure that you are committed to the extra work and are able to workout safely and effectively in the time and space given.

How do I get more information?
For more info email Coach Max: