CFCM Group #1 Auxiliary (Ox) Program

CrossFit Costa Mesa Group #1 Auxiliary Program (AKA: Ox Group #1 Program)
CrossFit Costa Mesa’s Ox Program is designed for those who want to pursue the Sport of CrossFit in a more serious manner. Whether that is doing your best in a local CrossFit competition or the Open and even chasing the capacity necessary to qualify for the CrossFit Games this program will help take the guess work out of that effort.

Describe the Group #1 Ox concept?
The CrossFit Costa Mesa program is divided into three segments, which are Off-Season: August 1 – November 31st, Pre-Season: December 1 – March 31st, and Games Season: April 1st – July 31st. These seasons are designed to peak and align with the CrossFit Games or to get you looking your best by June. Each season is marked with a specific progression in mind.  There are two Macro-cycles, three Meso-cycles and twelve micro-cycles.  The yearly program is a cyclical program which cycles through every year. The first half of the year is based off of Linear Periodization and the second half of the year uses Reverse Periodization to peak us for competition.

This is an extra class offered two to four times a day, four to five times a week. It is required to participate in a regularly scheduled group class prior to attending the Ox Class. The Ox program is accessible to the gym members during “Ox Hours” where they will be given the chance to hone in their skills such as weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. The program has everything one needs to get better. It focuses on extra strength, power, endurance and gymnastic biased work.

What is the Group #1 Ox Program Class schedule?
This program is designed to go back to back with group class or split am and pm. It is an extra 60 to 90 minutes of work or however much of it you can fit into your schedule. The coaches will help with that. The training schedule is Monday through Thursday and Saturday. We rest Friday and Sunday. Rest days are scheduled and set. We expect you to take full rest on these days so not to burn out, over reach, or more importantly get injured.


Ox Group #1 Dates & Times
Monday – Thursday: 7 am, 8 am, & 5 pm, 6 pm
Saturday: TBT
Friday & Sunday: Rest Day
*Times may change in accordance with onboarding times to accommodate the onboarding class.

Group Class expected Dates & Times
Monday – Thursday: 6 am, 7 am, & 4 pm, 5 pm
Saturday: TBT
Friday & Sunday: Rest Day

What is the extra cost for this Group #1 Ox program?
Group #1 Ox membership is $50/month. This is to encourage year round participation to truly develop your athletic potential. This is not a one on one or a group class. This is a self-sufficient program with programming and coaching guidance to allow you to reach your competitive goals. Ox membership is an additional cost to your monthly membership.

What is expected of me to be a part of the Group #1 Ox Program?
Each participant is expected to have some CrossFit experience, paired with the desire to get better. Anyone can start at any time in the season and we will pro-rate the cost. You must do the group class prior to the Ox class unless told otherwise by coach. You can come to Ox classes as your schedule allows. If you can only do 2 a week, great!  If you can make all four, the more the merrier!

What may cause me to be asked to leave the Group #1 Ox Program?
It is pretty simple. These are things that are not acceptable such as being told you go too heavy or you are not scaling properly, not having a basic understanding of the 9 Basic Movements, and not attending group class, overreaching, not logging workouts, and not training effectively. You don’t have to be the best you just need to be consistently working towards your goal, do not lose focus of achieving them, and remember “Willy Nilly don’t train here!”

What am I getting for this extra cost?
This program is for those who want to commit a little more time each day to improving their fitness level. You will be given more time in your training to develop you Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and improve Endurance.

How do the Group #1 Ox Classes work?
Individuals enrolled in this program will be expected to come to class 1st then attend Ox at a set Ox class time. It is recommended you attend the 6 am, 7 am, 4 pm, or 5 pm class which will allow you to attend your Ox class (7 am, 8 am, 5 pm, or 6 pm). If you split your workouts you can train at the 6am, 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, or 12 pm class then attend your pm Ox class. Your class time can very day to day so you can attend different Ox times, but you must attend class first and your Ox class time needs to be during a scheduled time.

Who should join?
This is ideal for anyone willing to take their pursuit of CrossFit to the next level but it is not limited by skill or athletic acumen or level of commitment. Anyone at any level of fitness is encouraged to join and sign up. This class is for people of all levels that just want to do extra work!

How do I get started?
To get involved, email Coach G at  You will be asked to give your weekly schedule and desired Ox class times.  From there you will be asked to try the program for one week. This is to insure that you are committed to the extra work and are able to workout safely and effectively in the time and space given.

How do I get involved or get more information?
For more info email Coach Max: